Friday, July 17, 2009

I don't know if it's 3 for 3

2.5 for 3


3 for 2.5

But it's good. Some of you might think that if one can spell, know lots of words, run a business, have successful children, and have a darling husband, one would be organized.

You would be WRONG.

But this evening I chased and caught up with 3 distracting loose ends.

I found the notebook that has necessary information for crime victims... just in time for me to be "on call" for the local Police Department. It wasn't in it's official designated place (of course), but I'd over looked it in it's alternate location. (After neatening up all sorts of other "possible" places.)

I found my next-to-most-recent pair of prescription glasses. I almost always wear contacts, but if I were to get sick, or whatever, I would be nearly legally blind without them. This is the ".5" success. I still have NO idea where the most recent ones are. sigh.

I found the long buried Netflix movie from, um, 2005, that we still haven't watched. But. NOW I can return it and catch up.

Small victories make a difference.

Celebrate on my behalf if you'd like... and PLEASE feel free to let me know of your successes: large or small.

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