Monday, July 13, 2009

flag of Dejligtsted
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A friend of a friend heard her kids inventing a new country. My friend did the same and asked me to join in. So. If I had a country to rule, it would be:
  • Country: Dejligtsted ("Lovely place" in Danish)
  • Weather: Seasonably variable, never inconvenient, nor much below freezing
  • nor above 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Population: 15,000
  • Description: "60 square miles of heaven." Inhabited by about 7500 citizens of all ages. The average age is 35. About half the citizens citizens live in small towns, usually founded by and expanded from 4 or 5 family groups. The remaining half live in the capital city, 'Jem (home).
  • Political System: Aristarchy: Government by the best. Every 5 years each town and family holds nominations for "best." 5 percent (750) of the population may be so nominated. All those nominated attend a week long convention, during which they get to know each other by attending planning sessions on various issues put forth by the previous governors, such as transportation, trade, parenting, education, arts, sciences and fun. At the end of the week, they vote on the Best of the Best, with the top 75 folks being elected. The Council of Ten (10 most vote getters) meet and by consensus, determine who will be CEO, CFO, Chief Justice, and remaining department heads.
  • Industry: Green manufacturing, agriculture, arts and education.
  • Language: Understanding
  • Famous Citizens: Elizabeth Zimmerman, Isak Dinesen, Maria Montessori, Elbert Hubbard, Wendy Fisher, John Pinizzotto, NC Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth.
  • Landscape: Seismic upthrust East of Boston, with marshes, beaches, and forested mountains.
  • Capital City: 'Jem (which means Home).
  • National Pastime: Sketch-crawls. Typical American sports competitions, naps and reading are popular as well.
  • Exports: Art, educational and developmental theory, philosophy, poetry, music, fiber. IT, statistical and information processing services. Tourism is primarily limited to interns and students (or any age).
  • Imports: Raw and manufactured goods which cannot be grown nor found in Dejligtsted; especially Irish tea, Cocoa, Electric Cars, Blue cheese, and tropical and subtropical fruits.
  • Developing Sectors: Due to high demand, there are thriving boutique dairies manufacturing a variety of aged cheddar, asiago, havarti and Roquefort like cheeses, as well as chocolatiers devising truffles, bars and bakery items for domestic use as well as export. Book publishing in paper copies, as well as e-versions and Kindle compatible has grown by 15% in the past 5 years as the reputation for educational value and happiness promotion has spread beyond our borders. The strongest sellers are intelligence boosting puzzle collections such as Sudoku and crosswords, children's fiction, mysteries and craft guides.
  • Flag: See above: Combination of Danish flag, rainbow inclusivity and festive banner.
  • State symbols:
    flower: Gerbera Daisy
    tree: White Pine
    bird: American Crow
    song: You make me so very happy
    beverage: cafe mocha
    insect: ladybug
    cookie: chocolate chip
    muffin: cranberry orange
    dessert: Chocolate torte with raspberry sauce

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