Sunday, June 07, 2009


Psssssst: Texas clouds
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I had a revelation (and remembered it).
There's a little article in today's NYTimes about all the people who started blogs and commenting on how many are now abandoned-- Apparently because some people had visions of fame and fortune based on their blogging.
That was never what I wanted from this lengthening scroll of words and images. Turns out I wanted attention.
I was suppressed enough in my distant youth NOT to scream and have tantrums or do anything too awful to GET attention, but that suppressing and shushing just meant I didn't get the attention I wanted. And writing here, I get a little. The now and then comment, or later comments in person by some of you remind me that I'm not invisible.
So contrary to what some have said, I didn't want to be the Center of Attention for. all. time. I just wanted reassurance that I mattered and that you knew I was here.
Thanks. You know who you are.


Holly said...

You matter. You matter AND I totally relate to what you are saying here. Thanks, back.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured, even when I'm not commenting, I'm reading.