Saturday, June 27, 2009

Planning Ahead

My DD says she and her partner are going to have a late summer/early fall wedding next year, possibly on Cape Cod, but definitely in Massachusetts.

She's planning for a combination Carnival-Country Fair-Lobster Bake. Relaxed and casual.

I'm so excited: No Mother of the Bride dress for me!!! . She's talking sundresses and sandals. And I have a whole nother year to be the shape I'd like to be.

Which brings me again to the brilliant book by David Kessler, MD., The end of overeatting.
I read almost the whole thing this evening. For my few visitors and readers, here is a summary of things to remember about "conditioned hypereating."


Anonymous said...

The wedding is going to be beautiful and so is the mother of the bride (already is!). ;) I'm all about the summer dresses right now.

wenders said...

Hey, gorgeous - I know it's a ways off, but talk to me before you buy a green dress or we may be matchy matchy and that would be WEIRD. I'm still debating white sundress, as I am so pale and/or red it really could be badnewsbears.