Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Creative Day

Sea Barns

Sea Cluster

I haven't done this much in a single day in months.
That probably "means" something, but I'm not sure what. It could be that I have re-weaned myself from the sugar+salt+fat trifecta. It could be that I'll be seeing my children AND getting a vacation in 30 days. Near the sea, the beautiful sea!! It could be that I gave stellar advice to a friend and actually took it myself.
So I caught up on office paper-work and went to the grocery store this morning. I cancelled a meeting that was inconveniently mid-afternoon and made major progress on the two WIP's above. (MUST tone down and reconfigure some of the shapes in Sea Cluster, and add some complications to Sea Barns).
But what bemuses me tonight is wondering where the courage came from to attempt a self-portrait.
As an apprentice draughtswoman, I'm pretty pleased with the result. Who knows what would happen if I tried to use color! (Well, I wouldn't be painting in artificial light, or in the dim, as I was for this). I'm still disappointed that I don't see someone more like Grace Kelly or Candace Bergen in the mirror... but the likeness is adequate compensation.


marancat said...

Congratulations - I have not dared attempt a self portait as yet. I really do like your 'Sea Barns' painting. Lovely shapes and wonderful use of colour.

Alex said...

really nice painting of the houses! I love the colors :) they are great!

Ann said...

Congratulations on your self-portrait! I am afraid to do one myself :-)
I really like the paintings. The color especially in Sea Barns, I love those energetic splashes of color in the foreground. Sea Cluster has a very tranquil, by-the-sea feel, I can hear the gulls and feel the ocean breeze!

Ashley said...

Good job on your self potrait.I also have never done one.I will attempt one soon,Thanks for the insperation.

Danette said...

Good for you!! See it's nothing to be afraid of, and it's the one face that's always close if you want to give it another go ;)

Owen said...

Ah, creative days - they're the best. I just mentioning to someone else that drawing, or any creative act, is like breathing in that it is life giving. The only problem is it is not voluntary ;-) so we must choose to create. Well, you have! Do it again soon. {thrive!}