Friday, June 12, 2009

After the June 10 storm, 2009

After the June 10 storm, 2009
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This is how it looked the morning after. After apparently tornadic winds in our county. The sirens went off twice. Over 100 lightening strikes every 5 minutes for hours, it seemed. I didn't hear the tree break.
Houses in other parts of town were struck by lightening and several caught fire. I guess I shouldn't complain. Didn't even have power surges or lose the use of my computer!. The tree men are coming tomorrow. bzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Anonymous said...

I like storms and often forget how dangerous they can be. You'd think I'd remember, given that it was only a few years back that my next-door neighbor's house was struck by lightning and blew out all of their electricals. Quite an insurance claim on that one--computers, TVs, etc. In spite of having surge protectors, which were apparently no match for the violence of that lightning. Glad your home wasn't hurt!