Sunday, May 03, 2009

Illustration Friday: Hierarchy

"The world of hierarchy
has come to an end.
Don't fight with it.
Let it disintegrate."
Eugene Kennedy

It is terrifying for most of us to see hierarchies disintigrate.

I like the one above (second rendering) better than the first (below).

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It is probably a poor illustration (or piece of art) if you have to explain it. But I looked up the hierarchy/taxonomy of the animal world and included representations of the kingdoms of living things: bacteria, fungi, non-nucleated cells, plants and animals. Humans are among the most complex, least numerous and least sturdy according to many of the sources I've read.
And that doesn't even include viruses.
Best seen large.


Susan Faye said...

Yes, humanoids are mighty frail and vulnerable when you get right down to it. I personally think viruses are the masterminds that rule the planet!

Ren said...

I think it's a great piece. It echoes my entry for this one, somewhat. Humans = small, frail, one of many creatures in the universe, but often forgetting that.

I love the splashes of color. They remind me of the atoms and DNA from which we're all made.

isay said...

i like both of them. they're speaking differently.