Friday, April 17, 2009


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jrntnlead (at said the first 11 who read his blog should respond to this tag.. I rarely HAVE 11 people look at my photostream, so I'll settle for a half dozen.

List of 11 things about me.
1. Libra: Fair and Balanced (but for real)
2. Only child (explains a lot!)
3. Knitter and grateful fan of SHEEP!
4. Like Beethoven, Brave Combo and Blood Sweat and Tears
5. Had 13 years of piano lessons.
6. Am proudest/most ashamed of parental moments (not the same ones).
7. Have a neurotic with to be famous. Am avoiding doing anything "public" to make that happen.
8. (Finally) enjoying my creativity.
9. Used to get paid as a storyteller
10. " " " " " " calligrapher
11. Am afraid that if I make a bucket list my cancer will come back.

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wenders said...

I have a bucket list. I think everyone needs one. :)

I want to get paid to be a storyteller!