Thursday, April 16, 2009


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I thought I'd lost my favorite sketch pen: a Lamy Safari equipped with a converter so I can draw with waterproof Noodler's Ink. Looked and looked and looked. Office. Home. Office Again. Home Again. Ordered replacement(s) on line. Back to office.
The poor thing had apparently slipped the bonds of my purse and landed in the path of a car heading into a parking space. Who knows, I might have run over it myself. EEEK.
It worked still. Except it had the nerve to leak ALL over DH's rug, and slacks when he was checking whether the cap could be "un-flattened."
Turns out that if you turn the cap (it's threaded on), it simultaneously twists the converter and dumps out any remaining ink.
Bye Bye little blue pen.

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