Saturday, February 07, 2009

Why isn't anybody reading this?

I thought I was through with politics now that the election is over. But, of course, there is always a (morbid?) fascination with power, evil, cheating and how they overlap.

This book was published in June of 2008, and somehow I completely missed it. I suppose it came out just before the national party conventions and may have been usurped by a halcyon Journaling Convention I attended in Denver.


Whether you are conservative or liberal, the "other side" could do this to YOUR side. The tactics for trying to establish a "third Reich" or PERMANENT Political Party in Washington are out there. If Rove hadn't mis-judged himself so often, he might have succeeded. If Bush hadn't been such a bungler at key moments, Rove might have succeeded.

GHW Bush doesn't come off squeaky clean either.

And if you live in Texas, like me, wait till you read about John Cornyn, and Rick Perry. Or Channel 8 in Dallas. And journalists who knew that Rove was stretching the truth or fabricating facts and because they couldn't prove the negatives that he put forth, felt it was appropriate to publish the stories anyway.

(Alone the lines of "John Doe says he has not been beating his wife." What great publicity for Mr. Doe, right?)

If you live in the wake of Katrina, my sympathies are with you. It was politics even more than "Brownie," or FEMA or poor planning that hit harder than the storm.

A pre-1999 primary article, called All Hat, No Cattle by Mr. Alexander in Rolling Stone is on-line HERE.

Keep questioning what you read. Read lots of opinions. Voice yours. Vote.

Here endeth the RANT.

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