Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Two happy events

Wooly Alert: o/c 8x10.

Considering how little my mom actually knew about Denmark, or got along with her father, she taught me to be terrifically proud of my Danish heritage. I like the idea of being strong as iron.

But this is the iron (actually pewter) that arrived today. Sold as an Advent Calendar by a religious supply house, I'll more likely use it at Valentine's Day and special dinners with red or white candles.


Anonymous said...

Love the sheep! I love how they look at you like that, and you've captured the weather beautifully.

Tony LaRocca said...

"Harold is that most dangerous of creatures, a clever sheep!"

You're character always seemed strong as iron to me. One of my friends who reads my blog asked me if I knew you in real life, because she loves your blog and comments. See? You get around :)