Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smitten. I am smitten. Even though I was a supporter of Obama for quite a long time, for me it was all principal. Opposition to war. Women's rights, including to abortion. Thoughtful consideration rather than reactivity.
And now, post-inauguration, I find I LIKE him, and his family, and his easy going values, priorities and confidence.
Bravo to him for freezing high salaries.
Bravo to him for emphasizing ethics, for old and new government workers.
Bravo to him for "working the room" at the inaugural luncheon, but still being respectful of Sen. Kennedy's emergency.
Bravo to him and Michelle for making it to all ten (!) official parties. And dancing.

Hitting the ground running.

I like it.

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Anonymous said...

Ditto and ditto and ditto.

And if I may allow my shallow side to surface, I love it that Michelle has kickass fashion sense. It's so nice to see a First Lady with style, rather than a dowdy frump. And those girls! Could they be any cuter?