Saturday, January 24, 2009


I started this sketchbook on my trip to Boston back in November. I don't think I've ever finished (or at least FILLED) one so fast-- even though it was only 9 x 6 inches and 70 pulpy pages.

The guys on the top row were having a business meeting at Starbucks. If my eavesdropping is correct, they are bent on buying, and developing every parcel of land between Dallas and Oklahoma. I hope they don't. Or, I wish cities and combined entities like the North Texas Council of Governments would invest in PLANNED development so there aren't just acreas of McMansions with inconvenient access to groceries, parks, and conserved open spaces.
Some people make better models than others. After the shop emptied out (post lunch), I colored in a page of sketches. The "jaundiced" girl wasn't really yellow. I just got headed in the wrong direction trying to make her look pale in comparison to her brunette friend.


Shirley said...

Great drawings. I can't imagine how you managed to sketch them and yet were close enough to hear them. Did anyone know you were drawing?

Kelly said...

Wow! I love your work!! Great job! I wish I could do this! I hope someday!! :) Kelly /EDM