Friday, January 02, 2009

Here they are.

My 2009 plans. In writing. A bit vague, but the bones are here.
Mind mapping has always worked better for me than uni-dimensional lists or outlines. Started with the black pen, got more specific with the red. And have even done a few things, which I crossed out in green.

Thanks to all 324 people (!) who looked at my blog last week. I hope that when y'all start back to work you'll still come back and visit once in a while.


Manifestation said...

Thank you for sharing.Wish you n all your family members a great Happy New year.Though vague plan,it has a tremendous effort behind the plan.That's the spirit.I'm looking forward victories over victories.My resolutions include [stop Comparing,Complaining,Contending,Competing,Cynicism and Criticizing][Not to be swayed away by Prosperity,Praise,Honor,Disgrace,
Suffering,Censure,Decline,pleasure ].To Discipline and Strengthen my faith.Thank you.

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wenders said...

I'm going to have to post my list of resolutions... I LOVE that our handwriting looks so similar and that we think along the same lines... Hm... I wonder why!? :O