Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Baker
What a wonderful day I had! Was finally out from behind a mental 8-ball of obligations which meant I felt free to do what needed to be done: De-cluttered several rooms, dusted, enlisted DH's help with some carpet spot cleaning, made major headway in addressing Christmas notes (which WILL go out tomorrow!!) Apologies to my overseas friends who may have "New Year's" rather than Christmas greetings! Anyway, I also had energy well after midnight to finish baking the Pizzelle batter I made, find the Almond paste in the back of the pantry for Pignole cookies AND to see if Martha Stewart's "No Fail Fudge" recipe lives up to it's name.

Visions of sugarplums... and NO heartburn because I only had a taste... not a binge!

1 comment:

wenders said...

Pignoles... sigh. I'm not having those this year... only pizzelles. :P