Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Noxious Nativities?
Thanks to The Village Voice and It Came Upon a Midnight Weird

Don't get me wrong, when my children were little, they loved the added excitement of waiting for the Baby Jesus to show up in our nativity scene on January 6, The Feast of the Epiphany. They also enjoyed moving the Kings and their camels around the living room until everyone arrived at the tableau.

Although there's lots of evidence that contradicts the Sunday School Story, let's skip that for now. What do you make of these?
Bathtub Nativity

I love Vince Guarldi's music that went with the animated special...
but GOD appearing to comic strip characters?

Semi-modern technology meets the Annunciation.
These fellows (bears? dogs?) look less like they're full of heavenly joy than sore afraid.

Unless you are teaching Sunday School, where would one wear a tie like this?

Oooooooh! A Country Christmas...
How many theological pitfalls? Let me count the ways...
I'm a Leprechaun and I'm OK...
On the site from which I lifted this, it was named The Jesus Go-Round
What would you call it?
I bet it plays music when you pull that cord, too.
Bite their little heads off?
Combining Cuckoo, Creches and Christianity doesn't seem like a great idea.
And can you imagine what Mary will be saying to Joseph for renting in such a noisy neighborhood?
And those are only the ones from "my" cultural tradition...
White Anglo Saxon Protestant
with some Catholic, Teutonic
and commercial influences thrown in.

Below is a folk art Nativity from Peru.
It seems more heartfelt...
but I wonder if they have versions with Alpacas, Incas or Soccer Players .
Would love to know your votes for best or worst and am still taking nominations!


Keri said...

What a "diverse" post. Great fun & made me smile - thanks! Here are my votes: Worst - a tie between the cuckoo clock and Country Christmas (I'm just not a fan in general.) Best is tough, but the Rubber Duckies get points for just being unique! The fiber-optic angel exemplifies gaudy. But I think the cookies win, since I haven't had breakfast yet. That bright green is something else! Plus, the sheep look quite fluffy :)

Holly said...

oh my gosh,. I had no idea. Bears? Rubber duckies? And people think I'm strange.

Kay Cox said...

Well, I vote for the ties...good grief...but it was close with the green leprechans. I guess Peru comes closest to the real thing. I have one of those little tiny boxes from Mexico.

wenders said...

I MUST OWN THE RUBBER DUCKIE ONE. Where can I find one??!?!?!

And... uhm, SANTA as Joseph?! That is . . . Blasphemy? Ugly? I'm not even sure what to say about that. The other ones make me laugh, and I would NOT turn down a cookie one, but how could you eat Jesus!?