Thursday, December 11, 2008

Decades of Christmas Cards

What with email (and the increase in postage), we don't get cards in the quantities we used to. (Surely we haven't run off our friends!) And my parents got LOTS of cards because my father's business associates and clients sent personal greetings. It might not have helped that I'm an only child and don't have siblings, nieces or nephews who send cards. But I always love getting photographs of families, their children, their pets. I even enjoy the much maligned Annual Newsletter. It's like anthropology from your mail box.

I enjoyed yesterday's mosaic so much, I went through my file cabinet and collected as many samples of past year's cards as I could find.

It's hardly a huge "oeuvre" but I'm proud of almost all of them... and like parents, one finds good things about even the MOST contrary children. Hallmark has nothing to fear from me.

Clicking on the captions below will take you to flicker where I've made comments on most of the images and where you can see the whole image... because I note that some heads have been cut off by Mosaic maker!!
1. 1973 ca cat-card, 2. 1976 ca cat-on-beard (1), 3. 1974 Lion-lamb, 4. 1975 partridge-for-web (1), 5. 1976 ca cat-on-beard (1), 6. 1981 ca buon-natale, 7. 1985 ca Glory-for-web, 8. 1998-Santa, 9. 1989 ca hedgehog-front, 10. 1991-Alleluia, 11. 1986 Families front, 12. 2000 star-of-wonder, 13. 1985 ca Glory-for-web, 14. 1983-epiphany, 15. 1972 ca Santa 2 star (1), 16. 1993 ca gladelig-jule (1), 17. 1992 Present, 18. Santa at beach, 19. polarscarf, 20. 2007 xmas block

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wenders said...

I Love your Christmas cards - they're part of how I know it's the SEASON. :)