Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Joys of the Season
COLD WEATHER! I know that some of you are suffering (A LOT) from cold weather and power outages. But as of Sunday it was 79 degrees here and did. not. feel. at. all. like. the. Holidays. Between 9 pm and 11 pm the temperature dropped from 70 to 35. Tonight it was below freezing... as evidenced by these teensy icicles on the truck's wheel well.

Church Services. Religion and religiosity don't do much for me, to be honest. But whether it is from childhood memories, or ecumenical efforts in December, I do enjoy incense, candles and "church stuff" in December. This church lights its steeple all year long, but I didn't realize there was red and green until I saw this photograph.
I also like seeing people's indoor decorations. Lest you think I'm a photographic peeping Tom, this is our own tree which can be seen from the front walk and the alley.

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Holly said...

I'd heard it was cold down there. Hope you had some woollies to fend off the chill.

I'm with you on religion and religiosity, but I'm consistently fascinated by churches....the buildings. The choices made and the end results are often a mystery to me. Cathedrals are my all time favorite and secretly always wanted to be married in one. Maybe I've seen The Sound of Music too many times. :-)