Monday, December 03, 2007

Tiny bit of proudness

I wouldn't want to call it pride.....

I've been remiss in attending Weight Watchers' meetings, let alone eating less, managing portion sizes, writing before biting (or inking before drinking)... but I got to a meeting this afternoon.

I decided I would rather fail than not try.

Trust me, that's a first. And a big. deal.

Oh, and inspite of the Pizzelle sampling, Thanksgiving, and some Velveeta related comfort food events, I had not gained any weight.


Holly said...

Proudness is much more acceptable (in my mind) than pride (which goeth and all that) and I am proud of you. Not gaining might not seem like a big deal to, um, the more svelte among us, but I know it's another step forward.

wenders said...

"I decided I would rather fail than not try."

That is powerful, Mama.

And congrats. That's HUGE. I've missed some meetings (like a month), but am going to weigh myself at home and go back to the online program. And I was thrilled I hadn't gained more than 5 pounds!! :)

You rock.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I think it's really smart to start BEFORE the holidays than after. You're just that much more ahead. That's why I started. I'm on week 12! Time flies.