Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bright spots and a FO

Thanks to the many of you who have expressed your care and concern for me as I wrap my heart and mind around the death/departure of my friend Tamara.

Don't think everything is bleak, though.

I've done some expeditious shopping for DH's birthday (which is tomorrow) and which he shares with his LEAST FAVORITE SINGER: Edith Piaf!!

I got two scarves done and delivered to friends (and they are being nice enough to send me photos... (I forgot to get FO photos for Ravelry and my records.)

This is the Flying V scarf from Exquisite Little Knits.

The Christmas cards are addressed and ready to mail. (This is a massive.undertaking. that I have done for 42 years!! With gaps only when I was mid-divorce and post chemo.)
My agency paperwork is ready to turn in so I get paid on Friday.

And last night, the cat slept on the bed with me all night.

And DH and I are going to a wonderful place for dinner tomorrow... AND I get to sleep in Thursday.

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Holly said...

Happy Birthday DH!

What's your Ravelry name? We could be friends. :-)