Friday, November 30, 2007

Thursday at the easel (and Tuesday in class)

DH seems to have had some sort of food poisoning Wednesday evening, and felt ghastly all day yesterday. I'd planned to paint all day anyway, so I was able to keep him hydrated with 7 up (and later pudding) while listening to the local classical music station and painting and painting and painting.
I think the tomatoes and onions are "done."
They're hardly "realism" but they're recognizeable and with careful observation (and a bit of patience) I managed to capture some "shine" on the vegetables AND the tray. It amuses me to do two almost identical paintings at the same time. The biggest intentional difference is the initial undercoat. One "warm" and one "cool."

The "Inspired by Wolf Kahn" pieces need more layers and more contrast. It is certainly amazing to get the intensity of color he does. I'm beginning to "get" the color schemes he uses!

The Tuesday model was diabolical in her poses!! (more at Flickr)


isay said...

i like how you described them "one warm and one cool" i can say they are both beautiful.

Nina Johansson said...

Wow, beautiful work, all of it! I had to look up Wolf Kahn, thanks for the link. His site is quite inspiring.

Lynn said...

Your work is lovely! I like the compare and contrast of the cool and warm paintings.