Saturday, October 27, 2007

Probably not in Kansas any more, Toto, because look what I saw before breakfast..
DH drove me by the critter above to so I could verify that he wasn't hallucinating on his way home yesterday.

A best-ever portrait of Puppy Cat.
This donkey was watching me while I watched the fiberglass and paint halloween critter.
He moaned at me. Not quite a bray, but WAY more than a whisper. I don't know how to make friends with donkeys.

And then I saw this Harley parked in front of where we ate.
The helmet is black with a 5 inch red mohawk. The license plate says Semper Fi and USMC. I was just surprised to see the monkey. I couldn't figure out which person inside belonged to it either.
Surprising what you can find, even in the suburbs!

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