Monday, October 08, 2007

Painted All Afternoon.

The bunker hill monument doesn't seem quite so much like it is floating in space, And rather than fried egg clouds, I think they are reasonably scrambled. Problem is, that the painting doesn't especially please me... even though I enjoyed the process.
Three Cherries needs something more. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Although I've changed my home monitor and am getting truer colors, this actually has a lighted center (behind the stems) than I think this shows.

I learned that if you sketch your sketch with pencil, turpenoid and oil COMPLETELY ERASE IT! (So now I have a blank, but toned, canvas. HA!)

And since I was in a playful mood, I started a cat. At the beach. DH thinks the cat looks like it is wearing a sleeveless vest. Well! It's not done. Wet in wet painting is tricky. Mixing the colors turns out to be WAY tricker than I realized... either that or I don't have the right tubes. Yet.


Ujwala said...

all 3 are lovely. i especially like the landscape. hope to see many more.

juj said...

You've done some lovely work. I like the thick impasto of the landscape and the way it cradles the monument. I think the cherries are coming along nicely - the composition is wonderful, the way the lower left to upper right diagonals are balanced by the horizontal. I like the transition of the lighter pink in front of the center cherry, and the cherries do a nice job of holding your eyes in the center. Maybe ease the transition between the red and the green and pull the green out a little more into the bottom? You could even have it blend off the canvas at the bottom so it would create an opposite diagonal responding to the one formed where the cherries and cloth meet. Just don't make it too strong and dark or it will pull your eyes right off the canvas.

Tony LaRocca said...

Fried egg clouds w/ 3 cherries? Never tried it... :)

Jana Bouc said...

I think the cherries came out quite nice. Your DH's comment is funny. I asked my boyfriend what he thought about a painting I was struggling with and I could see him kind of hesitate and so I asked him if it was like asking "Do I look fat in these pants?" and he said yes. It was fun reading about your discoveries with the paint. I've been there and am just starting to find my way out of the woods with oils.

phthaloblu said...

I think all three are nicely done. I, too, liked the impasto effect on the landscape. I have to say I really love the way the trees turned out. The look look like they are coming out of the canvas. Very cool. I think you were off to a good start with your cherries. I hope you posted the completed painting so I can see that on my travels. The cat is a good start, too. Keep up the great work!