Saturday, October 06, 2007

Birthday Day

I wasn't really looking forward to this birthday. I'm not sure why except the "thrill of aging" hasn't exactly been a fun one, recently. There have been too many aches and pains to make lots of positive assumptions.

DH made it my day all day.

First we had lunch and enchiladas at Blue Mesa Grill. Smoked chicken enchiladas. YUM.

Then we ventured down to the burgeoning Arts /Design district. Lots of galleries are moving away from the prior gallery area, and moving into a less posh area of town. I think you call the process "gentrification." Lofts are being built. they look sleek and largely pre-fabbed. The Dallas loft style seems to be dependent on having the biggest furniture possible in a fairly small space.

We dropped in on some galleries. The American Fine Art and Framing was wonderful. The proproietor orbited without hovering. There was lots of variety.

I particularly liked the work by Ginger Fox. I am glad that most of my food doesn't get up and dance like hers does.
The proprietor at Jackques Lamy is a painter himself.

Yet his inventory was very eclectic. Aside from the flying and hogvering fruit,

We ended up at Borders (of course!!). This photo is actually the view from Border's parking lot yesterday. The light just caught the reflection of this building with clouds in and out of the way.

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Holly said...

Happy Birthday! DH is a keeper for making it YOUR day.