Friday, October 26, 2007

All over the map

I've been working from photos, life and my supposed imagination in my sketchbook with watercolor pencils. I want to make another painting, but am having a hard time choosing WHAT to paint. Who knew that would be a dilemma?

This is based on an "art doll." I can imagine doing a series of feisty/funky little old ladies.

Haven't the vaguest idea of how I'd make the leaves look leafy... OR how to focus just on shapes and texture and still get the idea across. I'm wishing I could channel Wolf Kahn.

We actually had a McD soft serve vanilla ice cream tonight. Have you ever actually LOOKED at the woven pattern? I hadn't either. And drawing it is about as simple as figuring out how to launch a manned space capsule into orbit to reach the moon. huh.

These guys need a personality transfusion. The photo I worked from is awesome. Maybe I need to go meet some sheep. The one below is my attempt at a "value sketch." The dark side isn't always where you expect it.


Felicity said...

The fall colours are lovely! I forgot to say in my mail that anything goes on EDM from a simple line drawing to an oil. These are very nice. I have trouble deciding on subjects too and then other times I have so many ideas and not enough time!

Holly said...

Having had very little experience with sketching, I haven't earned the right to comment, other than to say that I thought each sketch had a voice of it's own and that I especially like the "value sketch". He looks like a sheep to he's thinking peaceful thoughts.

Linda T said...

I like the feisty little old lady! Anything goes for EDMers, as you will see over time. That's what makes us such a fun group.

Michael Emerald said...

These are all very good, no tact necessary. While I like the diversity of style, what I really like is the old lady's focus on forms and mass and less on line. I also like the highly stylized autumn foliage. Also, the abstraction for the sheep I like. The others I don't like as much (am I still being tactful?). What do YOU think?

phthaloblu said...

I absolutely love that sheep on the bottom. Great style!