Thursday, September 20, 2007

USS Constitution: Old Ironsides
After leaving Danvers we ventured into the spaghetti of roads in Boston and eventually arrived at Old Ironsides, also known as the USS Constitution. I'd been there last winter, so DH inspected the ship on his own while I sketched the skyline, and some pigeons.
The sailors are "regular" Navy. DH's tour guide was a 19 year old girl from Michigan. She got a round of applause from the old Salts.
This model apparently took over 2300 hours to construct. The scale is 3/8"=1 foot. It was a beautiful work of art.
The drydock at Ft. Thomas is one of the oldest in the country. Before there were drydocks, boats were brought near to shore and rolled onto their sides. The side away from the sand was repaired first, and then the boat was turned on its other side.
I don't know what these orange columns are. Let me know if you do!

This is my reference photo for a sketch I made.

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