Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a relief! (Revised)

DH and I went out yesterday (after a brief but exhausting foray into the weeds in the yard!) and got me some new shoes. Not ONLY did I get genuine "walking" shoes, with a "rollbar" for stability and moderate support if I walk on the outsides or insides of my feet) but I got some shoes suitable for the office that use the "new Balance technology" for cushioning and stability.

Now I have photos of the work ones!!

I haven't found photos on the web (yet) but
One pair is sandals fastened with 4 straps (the one heel strap helps me maintain confidence that I won't kick them off!). They are SO comfortable. AND I think they will be ok wither with hose, bare toes or (drum roll): handknit socks! The others are clogs with a small heel that actually look fairly dressy. They are a happy hybrid of Scandinavia and Western "boot" detailing on the toe.

They are both "clunky" enough to allow for my widening feet and presently ingrown toenails. I feel SO much better. Who knew that our 'stupid" feet had so much input into our general well being?

They set me back a fair amount of cash, but I might actually be able to keep up with DD and DS when we visit next month!

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isay said...

congrats! it looks really comfy!