Sunday, August 12, 2007

Landscape development
When DH and I were moseying around this afternoon, I had my sketch pad in my lap and captured a big bit of open space... It was mostly a vacant lot, a median strip, the road, and a line of trees with buildings off in the distance.

It wasn't especially gorgeous, but I challenged myself to make something of it. I enjoyed the VERY rough little sketch.

So, I worked it and worked it and overworked it and came up with the results above. I think I liked the sketch better. Way more was left to the imagination. I did digital "underpainting" and lots of layers, based on my experience with oils last week. This is better close up/enlarged. Not great.

When I was using Photoshop and the Filter Gallery, I checked the original version in "cutout" mode. That was interesting, because the digital filter basically thought the whole rectangle was two colors: grass and road. So I exaggerated the differences between shapes and sections. Better.

Finally, I re-filtered the improvement with cutout and posterization mode. While you'd never recognize the intersection if you went through it, I do think there is a certain fidelity to the flatness of the landscape, and the competing grassy and desert natures of the landscape. Of course, usually the road would be FULL of automobiles. But I was looking for NATURE.

I am most interested in your comments.


Marie-Dom said...

What an interesting exercise and what a fantastic result too. I really like the effect. Lovely abstract quality about it. It would be interesting to try and reproduce this in oils or watercolours or something and see what happens.

gabi campanario said...

the 'rough little sketch' is a good one, there's nothing like taking quick notes out on the field. i also like the semi-abstract nature and colors of your final result, thanks for sharing all your process!

phthaloblu said...

What a great result from a 10 second sketch! Love it! I always like playing with the filters in PS. Gives you a different perspective to view your work with, I think. Great colors, too!