Sunday, July 01, 2007


DH and I took a drive today around White Rock Lake. It wasn't crowded, but the lake looked overwhelmingly FULL. And it probably was, because the "spillway" was spilling like crazy. We then drove into downtown by surface streets and found ourselves in the daily deluge. Green-black skies, lightning, and buildings still being lit up from the part of the sky that wasn't full of storm. We saw buildings that had murals, and were painted bright cameras. Apparently urban Dallas has changed in the past 20 years (when I used to get down town on a regular basis)!! I couldn't reach my camera, so maybe I'll make another trip tomorrow.

I did upload a picture of my most recent healthy snack. Thanks, DD for leaving them!

And I am loving this book. The writing, the pacing, the characters.

The NYT review is here. It doesn't give tooooo much away!

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