Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I've looked at clouds

If it rains tomorrow at the official rain-measuring location, it will be the most consecutive days of rain in the history of Texas.

These are the clouds that were moving in on my way home Tuesday. I see cumulous and cirrus clouds.

Did you know that a big cumulonimbus cloud can weigh more than 82 elephants?

Did you know that there can be 35,000,000,000 droplets of water in 1 cubic foot of cumulous cloud?
I didn't either until I bought The Cloud Spotter's Guide and was reminded of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

Powell's books writes: The guide's author is Gavin Pretor-Pinney who is also the co-founder of The Idler magazine in England. A former science nerd and a graduate of Oxford University, he has been obsessed with clouds since childhood. His writing has appeared in The Telegraph, The Evening Standard, and other publications in England, including The Idler Book of Crap Towns. Currently living in London, Gavin is the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

This fellow is FUNNY. Go make friends with a cloud.

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roBERTa said...

I don't know how much one elephant weighs, let alone 82!
As long as it's water and not actual elephants, I think I'll be able to handle it.