Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bookstore Delight
This book begged me to examine it during tonight's Border's visit. And it was so worth my time (and putting on my "to buy" list.

I should have known I'd like it because the author, Barbara Albright is also the author of Knitter's Stash (not to mention 1001 Reasons to Love Chocolate!!)

Delights include:

  • More kinds of fiber than most of us have seen
  • Photos of the animals or plants that produce the fiber
  • WAAAAAAAAY better than average patterns using each material
  • An extensive collection of names, addresses, web addresses and phone numbers of resources: not just fiber vendors, but spinning equipment, etc.

I was upset while reading the book jacket that the references to Ms. Albright were all in the past tense. I might be the only person who didn't connect the dots earlier. She died of a brain tumor at the premature age of 51. Her home state obituary is here.

A friend said of her, "

"I never ever saw a bad day out of that woman. Her life was brownies and margaritas."

Not a bad epitaph at all.


Ninotchka said...

That's a GREAT epitaph.

Holly said...

I LOVE this book. Purchased it at Borders a few weeks ago and did not connect the dots. So sorry to hear of Ms. Albright's passing, but what a lovely quote from her friend. We should all be so lucky.