Saturday, June 09, 2007

Good Day
All told, today was a good day. The exterminator arrived early as promised to help us staunch our recent flow of ants. While I was glad that prior yard spraying had knocked down the fire ant mounds, these critters liked to come inside. They were especially happy on the kitchen table and kitchen sink. He said we mostly likely had an infestation of "odorous ants"... aka odiferous ants. Allegedly they stink when you smush 'em... like rotten oranges or coconut. I'm not sure that's what we had, because I never smelled anything. But then, it's been allergy/sinus season, too.

I was appalled to discover that there are 35,000 varieties of ants. EEK.

Some people think you only get ants if you leave food laying around. That's not quite true. Ants can, and will, enter a property looking for protection and water. Sugar ants will come out on the counter looking for food but grease ants or odiferous house ants will hang around a house for the fun of it.

I discovered lots more stray flora and fauna by working in the yard a bit. It felt good to tame the Nandina, Hyacinth fine and some unidentified weeds. Planted some day lily bulbs given to me by a friend. DH went after the mint, rosemary and thyme with the weedwacker. It smelled great for a while.

But then I got a long nap. Blissful.

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